The mission of College Hockey History is to document and communicate the history of college hockey. We completed a project that we felt had been missing from all other resources throughout the college hockey world: a complete historical write-up on the origin and evolution of college hockey that follows the timeline from the first puck drop all the way to today’s current state of the NCAA college hockey world. While this site mainly focuses on men’s Division I hockey in the United States, our historical summary covers all aspects of the hockey world, including Canadian hockey, women’s collegiate programs, and all divisions. Each facet played its own role in shaping the sport as we know it. Our focus at College Hockey History is to also include the historical records of current men’s Division I programs as well as the jersey history for each team. What the teams wore on the ice is a part of their history and brand and should not be lost to time. We will share historical photos and notes that we think you will find interesting or relevant to today’s game. Whether you’re a new, casual or avid fan, we hope that we can help you learn a little more about this great sport.

College Hockey History is headquartered in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. Follow along on Twitter @CollegeHockeyHx. To contact us, please email CHHadmin@collegehockeyhistory.com.